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Health is teamwork - especially when a person has a chronic condition like diabetes, arthritis or asthma. The team is made of the self manager, the Health Care Providers and all other supporters that understand how life can be challenging.

Self Management is a skill. As such, it is a recognized part of the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Framework and includes all activities that assist individuals to be informed, actively participating and managing their disease. Free Self Management workshops are offered throughout the North Simcoe Muskoka region. Workshops are led by trained leaders who follow the program as designed by the Stanford University Patient Education Research Centre.

As part of the care team, Health Care Providers also have opportunity to receive training and education that support patient self management.  Free 4.5 hour workshops are offered by the North Simcoe Muskoka Self Management Programs.

This initiative is one of 14 regional programs that are offered in all Local Health Integration Network regions of Ontario. The provincial vision is to empower clients and health care providers to maximize self management skills.

The North Simcoe Muskoka Self Management Programs are coordinated by staff at the South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

If you are interested in Self Management Programs, but live in another region in Ontario please visit: Stand Up To Diabetes Self Management Initiative 


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