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Train-the-trainer is a sustainable model to continue the good work of Self Management Programs. Thank you for the work of Peer Leaders and Master Trainers in our region who pass the torch of motivation to those who self manage chronic health conditions.

As we move forward, we invite community members to join us and be trained as peer leaders in either of our inspiring workshops - Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions and Living a Health Life with Chronic Pain.

Peer leaders are community members who enjoy facilitating workshops where people share their 6-week journey in applying chronic condition self management principles. Our leaders are individuals who strive to learn new concepts and work with others to build their self management skills. Leaders may be living with chronic conditions themselves or have loved ones that are living with a chronic condition. Additionally, applicants are not required to have a healthcare education or experience! 

The FREE Peer Leader Training qualifies new leaders with Stanford Leader Certification. Training takes place over 4 six hour days, with time for coffee breaks and lunch. Ideally it is offered as two days one week, and two days the following week.

At the Leader training, skills are learned to effectively lead the workshop. Like the workshop itself, the peer leader training is designed to be interactive and fun. After graduation, the commitment is to lead a minimum of one workshop per year. Each 6-week workshop series is facilitated by two peer leaders and is designed for small groups. Programs are delivered through 2.5 hour workshop sessions that are scheduled once per week, over 6 consecutive weeks.

Workshop leaders enhance their leadership/facilitation skills that can be transferred to other areas of life. Most importantly, leaders see people that live with chronic conditions successfully manage their health conditions by using the newly learned skills and tools.

Want to talk about peer leadership? Contact us at dsm@sgbchc.ca

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